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Contact Cirque du Vente, Jesse and Wouter
Contact Cirque du Vente, Jesse and Wouter

Would you like to contact Cirque du Vente about a shop item you like to buy? Would you like to send us an invite to an event you organize? Or would you like to visit our showroom and workshop? Need a handmade theatre costume? We are more than happy to answer all your questions and for sure quickly replay to you.



We appreciate you use the contact form above to contact us first, in case of high demand our details are;

Red or Blue Events / Cirque du Vente
Pieter Bothstraat 13
2315AN Leiden
The Netherlands

*Please note this is our postal address only!

Sales @ cirqueduvente . com
+31 (0)644998237
KVK : 68416385
BTW: NL001439341B63
Wouter and Jesse