At Cirque du Vente it is all about putting an ear to ear smile on your face. We will entertain you, We will dress you up, We will make sure you will never forget the moment we met! Step into our shop and expect the unexpected! From high-end theatre costumes, Fantasy fairy Burlesquish outfits, Military crème de la crème eye catchers to Fake fury paradise! We will help you create your kick-ass festival look!

During every event or festival, Cirque du Vente adjusts itself in all kind of settings, forms and looks. Creating our own Cirque to the site, guests and atmosphere. Cirque du Vente is created and run by Wouter and Jesse. A couple that loves to entertain, surprise, dress up and make a difference by using the finest materials and gems. We will donate funds to charity after each event as a big “THANK YOU”.

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